Welcome to Wells Community Internet Project

WCIP was founded in 2016 by partners Spencer Fuller and Layla Welsh with a vision of providing their community with a fast and reliable Internet service.  Today WCIP provides 30Mbps Internet service to over four hundred users in Wells, Metropolis, BarHL, Starr Valley, Clover Valley, Ruby Valley, River Ranch, Spring Creek and Carlin.

30Mbps Residential Service

WCIP provides 30Mbps download and 5Mbps upload for residential customers for only $40 per month.

60Mbps Residential Service

WCIP provides 60Mbps download and 10Mbps upload for business customers for only $80 per month.

No Data Limits

30Mbps, all day, every day without data caps or reduced speeds.  Go ahead and stream that movie in HD and then another and another.  You get the idea.

No Contracts

WCIP is committed to providing fast and reliable internet service.  Our commitment to providing you a superior service is all the contract we need.

Abundant System Capacity

WCIP runs well within our system capacity.  No wait lists, and no peak usage slow downs.